Our work will focus on your whole person in your environment-physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, social and spiritual. 

We will work together to facilitate movement from surviving to thriving. Together we will review physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, social and spiritual arenas of your life to determine a path forward into thriving. 

We will address your most inhibiting concerns, working our way to the lesser difficulties. Combining your strengths with my experience and training we will prioritize our attention and methodologies while utilizing your strengths. Therapy is a collaborative process between clients and myself.

I utilize EMDR as a comprehensive relational psychotherapy to treat small t- relational trauma and big T traumas - complex trauma, and to heal attachment wounds. Being a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner enhances my work with clients and assists in recovery of the whole person/system.

In 2000 I did my EMDR training with Francine Shapiro. I have been in consultation with Deany Laliotis ever since. Over these years until Francine's death on June 16, 2019, I learned from Francine¨The past affects the present even without our being aware of it¨ and “Changing the memories that form the way we see ourselves also changes the way we view others.¨ 

Every Memory Deserves Respect by Michael Baldwin and Deborah Korn explains what EMDR is and how it is done. It is a great book to read prior to beginning EMDR therapy. 

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