Amanda Carrington,

Jeanette Lotze,

Kendall Mc Carthy,

Paul Marshall,

EMDR Consultants in Training, CIT, 2022/2023.


Amanda Carrington: - Amanda has also been in Sheryl Aaron’s consult groups. I have been a consultant for Amanda since she completed EMDR Basic Training.

Amanda completed Basic EMDR Training with Dan Merlis at The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy / EMDR of Greater Washington in 2018. She was certified as an EMDR therapist in January of 2021. She has taken additional training in IFS-Informed EMDR, the Flash techniques, Ego-State therapy & EMDR, plus a 3-day training by Dolores Mosquera to work with clients with personality disorders, dissociative disorders, suicide, and complex trauma.

Additional EMDR trainings

11/2019 Memory Reconsolidation, the Flash Technique & EMDR, Philip Manfield, 6 CEUs

10/2020 IFS-Informed EMDR, Bruce Hersey, 6 CEUs

6/2021 Treating Dissociative Disorders w/ EMDR: The Progressive Approach, Dolores Mosquera, 6 CEUs

6/2021 EMDR Therapy for Suicidal Clients & Self-Harming Behaviors, Dolores Mosquera, 6 CEUs

6/2021 Working with Hostile Voices & Parts of the Personality in Complex Trauma & Dissociative Disorders, Dolores Mosquera, 6 CEUs

12/2021 EMDR Therapy with Children, Carolyn Settle, 7 CEUs

6/2022 Utilization of EMDR Therapy with Grief and Mourning, Roger Soloman, 3 CEUs

6/2022 Ego State Therapy Interventions to Prepare Dissociative Clients for EMDR, 3 CEUs

6/2022 Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors, Overcoming Self-Alienation, Janina Fisher, 3 CEUs

6/2020-6/2022 EMDR In Action: A Step-by-Step Master Class w/ Deany Laliotis via Psychotherapy Networker / PESI, 14 CEUs

Amanda will offer group and individual consultation services. Groups will be held monthly, on Tuesdays from 2-4pm starting in January 2023. Fees and additional group offerings TBD. Individual consultation services available, specific schedule TBD with potential consultee at a rate of $150/60 minutes.


Jenette Lotze . Has been in consult groups with me since completion of Basic Training.

One Medical profile:

Jenette was in the last cohort of folks trained in EMDR before the pandemic. Jenette trained in-person in early 2020.BEcame certified in July 202. Did Deany's Intermediate training in 2021. Just completed an IFS + EMDR training in case any consultees are IFS-heads and want to talk about how to interweave these concepts into EMDR.

Additional EMDR trainings:

Back to the Future: An Upscaled Refresher Course in EMDR Therapy 12/4/21 - 6 CEU

Intermediate EMDR Training for Real-World Challenges Deany Laliotis

December 10-12/ 2021 and January 22-24, 2022 - 20 CEU

EMDR + IFS PARTS Protocol Virtual Training Dr. Kendhal Hart, LPC-S

September 29 - October 1, 2022 - 16 CEU

Consultation will be done online. Jenette has availability during the weekdays as well as nights and weekends

Charge $100/60 minutes for individual consultation.

For consultees referred by Mary, the cost is $75/hr for individual and $20 for group.


Kendall McCarthy: Has been in consultation with me since Basic Training.

Mainstay Therapy:

Completed EMDR basic training in May 2019, Deany’s intermediate training in 2020, and was certified in EMDR in June 2021. HAs cross training as a CSAC in addictions and substance abuse. Works in her own outpatient practice in Leesburg, VA, working primarily with adults with PTSD, including those with C-PTSD and attachment trauma, and a large population of veterans

Additional EMDR trainings completed since Basic Training:





The Craft of EMDR

Deany Laliotis


When There Are No Words

Sandra Paulsen and Katy O’Shea


Looking Through The Eyes of Trauma and Dissociation

Sandra Paulsen

Individual and Group consultation to be facilitated online.

Cost for individual consultation: $100/session

Mary referrals: $75/individual consultation session, $20/group consultation session

Consultation sessions to be held on Fridays.


Paul Marshall LCSW Paul joined in my consult group after he did his Intermediate Training end of 2021. He was certified in EMDR at that time. IDK who was his AC before.

Paul is available for individual and group consultation. Paul brings 20+ years of clinical experience. He has a strong background across the life span as he has worked in rural areas most of his career. He also has a strong background working with patients who have substance use disorders. His experience includes working as a crisis worker in a rural hospital, providing mental health services in the schools as well as providing substance abuse treatment to inmates at our county jail. CBT was his main method of treatment until he was introduced to EMDR.

He completed his EMDR basic training in 2017 and was Certified in EMDR in 2020.


14 CEU Group Protocol for Large Disasters with Ignacio ¨Nacho¨ Jarero

12 CEU Dance of Attachment with Deany Laliotis


6 CEU Dancing with Dissociation Anastasia Doulis-Pollock

12/9/21, 12/10/21 & 12/11/21, 1/21/22, 1/22/22 & 1/23/22 30.5 CEU

EMDR Intermediate Training with Deany Laliotis,

Consultation will be done online and will be available during regular work hours or evenings.

The charge will be $100 per session for individual consultation. Consultees referred by Mary Ray will be $75 per hour. Group sessions will be $20 per person per hour;