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Become a certified EMDR therapy practitioner then an EMDR Approved Consultant.

Continue consultation to develop from a novice to a skilled practitioner of EMDR psychotherapy.

Enhance your skills.

Learn specific protocols for various client concerns.

Stay up to date on developments in the methods and uses of EMDR.

Join a consult group and collaborate with myself and other professionals to develop your skills and improve your clinical work.

Meet for individual consultation and/or in a small consult group on ZOOM.

Enhance your capacity to use EMDR to accelerate your clients' healing from trauma and your ability to support their growth.

In consultation you will learn clinical strategies and discover where you get in your own way.

Consultation facilitates growth in your ability to know why, when, where and how to move forward with grace and precision.

Consultation for using EMDR with couples

EMDR and couples therapy outline.

Specific pieces to address these points will be posted from time to time and are addressed in 1:1 consultation

  • Couples therapy to be successful needs to address the trauma experienced by the partners prior to meeting one another, traumas which occurred during the relationship, etc..

  • EMDR addresses traumas of many types

    • Shared Traumatic events happen to couples

      • Illness, loss of job, death of children

    • Traumatic events that have happened prior to the couple getting together, baggage we bring with us

      • Over or under reactions due to partner triggering past trauma

    • Interrelational Trauma

      • Behaviors of one partner, tone of voice, volume, desire to continue the discussion once one of them asked to take a break, gesticulation, etc… can trigger past traumatic events for the other partner and be a source of ongoing suffering for the couple.

  • Benefits and goals of EMDR for couples- see separate piece on Therapy tab

  • Ways to use EMDR with couples in your practice

    • I use EMDR for couples in 4 different configurations:

      • Separate individual session-partner brought in to integrate changes

      • Couple: together one person processing/ other providing BLS

      • Couple: simultaneously processing shared trauma

      • Couple: prn amidst couples session

  • Using EMDR for couples in a separate individual session

  • Using EMDR for couples where one partner is the processor and the other helps with tapping

  • Using EMDR for couples when both partners process simultaneously

  • Using EMDR for couples as needed amidst a couples session

  • How you begin, determine which configuration to use

    • Presenting issue

    • Evaluation of interactions and safety

    • Review of intake paperwork

    • More important to evaluate the couple dynamics and make sure their goals for the therapy are the same less imp are their diagnoses and see separate piece on goals for EMDR

  • EMDR and Couples Therapy can be done online and these are considerations for when using it online see separate peace

  • EMDR can also be applied to Family therapy and this is how

  • How EMDR for couples plays out in the context of a team of therapists